Read just a few of the powerful miracles that took place as a result of God's presence at past Holy Convocation services.

My sister was saved for nearly a month and she invited me to the Holy Convocation. I wasn't really interested in going back to church, but I didn't have anything to do that Monday night. When I walked in that service, I didn't realize how injured I was spiritually. The message preached, the love shown, and memories shared from being raised in church struck me so much so it actually hurt. It was a feeling I hadn’t felt in so long. I attended the service throughout the week and I remember going home after the last service trying to process all the truth I heard and the reality that struck me after my stubbornness and refusal to repent. I went an entire month longer in this confused state of mind and finally enough was enough. I finally took down all barriers, all constraints, and all pride. I walked down to an altar and asked for forgiveness from all of my sins, those that were publicly known and those that were hidden in my heart.
Brittney Oliver
Before the Lord saved me, I was bound by clubbing, drinking, smoking, swearing, and immoral lusts. l was used to being the life of the party until God showed me that I can have a better life in Holiness. About a week or two before the 2015 Holy Convocation, the Lord started to deal with me and I tried to ignore Him. I was living in another state at the time and my plans were to come to Dallas to party and then go to church, but God saw different. The Lord spoke to me in a dream and told me I was going to die and go to hell and I knew then it was time. On Monday night, July 20, 2015, Apostle Herman Murray preached, “You Can Always Come Home,” and as he spoke, I began to cry, but was embarrassed about answering the altar call. The Lord began speaking to me again, letting me know that I needed to stop playing with Him and get complete deliverance. That night I received the best gift anyone could get—the real Holy Ghost! I learned that it’s never too late to give your life to Christ; however, you must want it for yourself.
Detorrian Rhone
I visited FGHT for the first time during the 2013 Holy Convocation and I remember being in awe at hearing the choir sing. Later in the service, Apostle Herman Murray grabbed the mic and said, "wave your hands if you've ever been filled with the Holy Ghost." I was so grieved in my spirit because I was unable to raise my hand. I wasn't able to stand boldly and declare that I had the power of God. I told the Lord, "I want what they have. I want the joy they have." I went down to the altar day and night that week, crying out for this precious gift, and the Lord kept showing me what I was holding on to that was hindering me to receive. Some days I cried because I thought I would never receive the Holy Ghost, but God didn't leave me like I was. On July 29, 2013, the Lord saved me and gave me His precious gift and I have been running ever since.
Keyonia Mathis